It’s hard to believe that Milestone is 10 years old today. Andy, Zoe and I would like to thank all our clients and fellow professionals, former and current employees for the support and friendships we have developed over the past 10 years.

As with everything in life, there have been some great times and some not so great times. Setting up shop as the global financial crisis was taking hold wasn’t the best timing, but it’s fair to say we learnt some valuable business and life lessons!

Our highlights have to include winning best International Tax Team in 2009 and 2013 and being shortlisted for best newcomer in the International Tax Review Awards in those same years. Our annual trip to the Scottish Highlands is my personal highlight, and over the years we have had some quite amazing times with clients and friends of the firm at Conaglen. A lot of whisky has been drunk and good times had by all, as well as new friendships made.

Andy and I were also very lucky to find a mutual love of skiing and everything that entails. Annual management meetings were had in Beaver Creek and Vail in the early years, but have moved closer to home (Lech, in the Vorarlberg) more recently for our annual office ski trip.

Much has changed too in the world of tax. Back in 2008, no one could have imagined the landscape as it now is. The OECD’s BEPS project has been a significant step in the right direction to end some of the abusive tax structures that many multinationals employed to take advantage of the arbitrage opportunities that different tax systems give rise to. The U.S. FATCA initiative followed by the UK’s version was the precursor to the game-changer that is the Common Reporting Standard. Who knows what’s next – given these changes it would be a brave man to bet against global adoption of unitary taxation or blockchain registries for shares and real estate in the next 10 years!

As you will know by now, the next chapter in the life of Milestone has already started to be written with our entering into a Collaboration Agreement with Andersen Global. We’re excited about this and all the other initiatives we currently have on the go. We’re also super grateful for your business, support and friendship over the years and sincerely hope we can keep in touch over the coming years and months.

With much love,

Miles, Andy and Zoe.

Milestone is collaborating with Andersen Global in the UK
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July 3, 2018


Posted by Miles

Miles is a founder of Milestone having started his career in international tax in 1994.

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