International tax advice, for the real world

Financial derivative products and tax structured finance transactions are never more complicated than when you’re working across multiple jurisdictions and in ever-changing regulatory environments.

When you feel as if you, or your team, are in unfamiliar territory then you need a firm that has both the in-depth knowledge and practical experience to walk you through it securely.

There are countless ways to structure your transactions. The only right way is the one that works best for your business.

You don’t want an ivory tower report. You want real-world advice – that works.

Our skills lie in developing practical, easily implemented solutions that:

  • unlock gains / losses that can be trapped under traditional hedging structures;
  • facilitate income or capital returns; and
  • allow the tax-efficient extraction of profits

You’ll then be able to hedge existing equity positions efficiently and effectively, to obtain synthetic exposure to equity, or unlock capital through the creative use of tax, accounting and regulatory rules.

Our role is to lead you through the tax maze while never losing sight of your business and what made it successful in the first place. Our strategies are always practical and comply with all cross-border tax regulations.

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Andrew Murray

Andrew is a co-founder of Milestone. He was previously employed by a major US investment bank where he specialised in the development of tax structured and tax enhanced derivative products and solutions.

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