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From consulting on a £900m urban regeneration project in the UK to advising a multinational financial institution on its $8bn global property fund, we can handle all the tax aspects of your property dealings.

International tax is both a science and an art form. That may sound pretentious, but it can also be enjoyable, even for you, when you have the right people to steer you through the complexities.

Our strength lies in demystifying the process. Nobody likes to read endless legal documents and tax opinions full of jargon. So, we present our advice in plain English, using straightforward visuals wherever possible, so that you can budget, plan and invest on a fully informed basis.

You’ll be able to maximise your investment by taking into account the relevant local property taxes on acquisition and disposal as well as the reliefs, exemptions and planning opportunities.

The result is an efficient, optimal, and above all, compliant tax solution for everyone involved in your real-estate transaction.

We can help you with:


  • Property developments
  • Property investments
  • Post-planning gains
  • International real estate funds
  • Development gains / profits
  • Financing structures
  • Extraction of profits
  • Development management
  • Carried interest entitlements
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Miles Dean

Miles is a founder of Milestone having started his career in international tax in 1994.

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