Expert International Tax Advice for Businesses, Entrepreneurs and HNWIs

We set up in 2008 because so many companies and individuals struggle to navigate the complexities of international taxation and often fail to find practical tax advice that works.

We had seen it too many times: lengthy tax reports costing the earth and offered all the theories on how to mitigate tax, but was unmanageable in practice.

Why was this happening?

For a number of reasons:

  1. Tax law attracts academics who tend to love the theory, but have little real world experience;
  2. The big firms have become risk averse giving descriptive tax advice;
  3. International tax is a very specific discipline that is more than domestic tax with bells and whistles.

Having worked extensively on the client side, we were also frustrated by firms who would not put their neck on the line and do the job they were paid to do – advise.

So, there are three promises we make when you work with us:

  1. We’ll ask the right questions to identify the essential issues so we can create a practical tax structure that suits you, your business, family life and lifestyle.
  2. We’ll give you clear advice. Advice that you can trust. Then we’ll put it all into action, so you can get on with doing the work you love.
  3. It won’t feel like a chore. We’ll demystify the process and scrap the jargon. It might even make you smile.

Welcome to Milestone.


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